Avanti 310SST Counter-High Compact Refrigerator Review

Due to the compact design of the Avanti 310SST Counter-High Refrigerator, it is described to be more spacious than the other cube style refrigerators. It is small in size yet could actually contain a week’s amount of groceries for one person. Thus, it is excellent for small enclosed spaces like dorms and apartments.

Avanti 310SST Counter-High Compact Refrigerator Specifications:

  • can be used either free standing or atop a counter
  • has a total capacity of 3 cubic feet, 2 ft3 for the ref and 1 ft3 for the freezer
  • measures 33.5 H x 18.75 x 19.75 all in inches (HWD)
  • weigh 64 pounds
  • affordable with a year of limited warranty for parts and labor with 5 years guarantee for replacing the compressor

Space Saver
The small size of this compact refrigerator makes it ideal to be used even in crammed spaces of a small apartment and kitchens. And because it also has legs for leveling purposes that can be adjusted appropriately, this fridge may also be placed on top of counters in patios, small office space or wet bars.

Door Swing
The door of the fridge is even reversible, meaning it could be swung from left or right. There are separate doors for the freezer and the refrigerator plus the freezer door is equipped with a shelf for maximized space.

Compact yet Functional
In the refrigerator section, there are various compartments and features that all contribute to the functionality of the product. Among the essential elements are the glass-lidded crisper, auto defrost and temperature control, interior lighting, shelves and racks.

The yearly estimated cost of this refrigerator’s operation is about $37 for an approximate 341 kilowatt hours.

Fridge Layout
Functionality aside, the fridge also has a lavish design at the back and at the countertop, therefore looks good wherever it is placed.

Avanti 310SST Counter-High Compact Refrigerator At A Glance…


  • lets you save money on bills
  • quality refrigerator at a price so affordable
  • compressed design and package allows it to fit even in smallest of areas
  • easy to clean especially with the auto defrost feature
  • operates and runs silently
  • the freezer is bigger than most compact fridges
  • chic exterior
  • interior has room for a lot of food


  • none so far

If you are just living alone and need a refrigerator, then this one could be a good choice as it is not bulky and could hold a lot of food items for one person. Plus, you would not have to worry about racking up your electricity bill as this one helps you save on energy.

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