Danby Deluxe Mini Fridge with Freezer Review

Why do people still go for the mini fridge when there are refrigerators available? Well, there are plenty of reasons and one of that is space. So if you are living in a place where a refrigerator would take up a huge amount of space, well, you can definitely consider the Danby Deluxe Mini Fridge with Freezer because it is not only small but it is something that would serve as a substitute.

Danby Deluxe Mini Fridge with Freezer Specifications:

  • Item weight: 90 pounds
  • Built-in freezer
  • 4.3 cubic feet capacity
  • Recessed handle
  • Reversible hinges
  • Push-button defrost
  • 4 wire shelves
  • Tall bottle storage
  • CanStar beverage on the door’s inside
  • 75 lbs. weight

Item weight: 90 pounds
For 90 pounds, you already get a mini refrigerator. So that means it would not be difficult for you to bring this to your home once you get one from the store. Or maybe if you need to travel and a cooler would not do. But that is quite a stretch.

Built-in freezer
There are mini fridges which do not have freezers. A freezer is an important part of a refrigerator so it is a good thing that the Danby Deluxe Mini Fridge with Freezer has this. You can make ice here to keep you cool when the weather’s just plain too sunny.

4.3 cubic feet capacity
Although 4.3 cubic feet is still a long way off from what the usual refrigerator would hold, this amount is already a good one. You can store food and drinks here to tide you for several days. Just make sure that you are living alone though or else all your food and drinks may not fit.

Recessed handle
The recessed handle of the Danby Deluxe Mini Fridge with Freezer is actually a good design. See, if you have a small apartment and you find it difficult to squeeze in this mini fridge, how much more difficult would it be if the handle was not recessed?

Reversible hinges
The reversible hinges are also another good factor with this mini fridge. They do not protrude and so you would be able to find a corner for this kitchen appliance easily.

Push-button defrost
Other mini fridges would make you do several complicated maneuvers before you can actually defrost them. This is not the case with the Danby Deluxe Mini Fridge with Freezer. All you need to do is just push a button and the appliance will do the defrosting for you.

As a mini fridge, the Danby Deluxe Mini Fridge with Freezer is definitely one that you may want to have if you need one. However, if two or more people share this, it would be difficult to get all the food and beverages in because of the small amount of space that it has.

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