Kenmore 5896 Side by Side Refrigerator Review

The Kenmore 5896 Side by Side Refrigerator is the highest rated refrigerator from Kenmore. It has a layout that excellently enhances the style and appearance of any kitchen. Plus it has ample storage to keep your food fresh.

Kenmore 5896 Side by Side Refrigerator Specifications:

  • quite expensive with the usual warranty service, reasonable for all its integrated efficiency features
  • dimensional measurements of 14 inches by 7 inches by 3 inches
  • the storage volume is 25.4 cubic feet
  • has temperature detection, filtering system for water
  • stylish and chic metallic design

Among the Kenmore line
This model is among the top favored refrigerator units produced by Kenmore because of its functionality, storage capacity and reasonable price.

More than adequate space
With 25.4 cubic feet food storage volume, there should be enough space for large amounts of food supplies. It is even dubbed as the perfect choice for big households.

Accorded temperature adjustments
Integrated with a special system for temperature settings called SmartSense, this can detect temperature changes when additional items are placed inside so you can change and alter the temperature setting accordingly to make the contents stay fresh for longer.

Satisfaction guaranteed
With several features for preserving and storing foods, this refrigerator guarantees that all the contents are in good condition. The bin for veggies and fruits has the proper humidity level that keeps food from spoiling.

The special system utilized in the freezer section has more than sufficient freezing temperature. With its quiet and cool performance, the kitchen is always free from fridge noise and burrs.

The cleanliness of water and air is maintained through the special system for filtration.

Color options
This make of refrigerator comes in various colors like bisque, white and black.

Kenmore 5896 Side by Side Refrigerator At A Glance…


  • lives up to its features
  • has the right amount of storage that will keep a big household happy
  • water that is chilled here is kept fresh
  • has its own filtering system
  • noise is at a very low level you cannot even hear it at times


  • none so far

All in all, this model of refrigerator from Kenmore is definitely fantastic and keeps to its promise of preservation and storage functionality. Ample and with extra space for additional goods that need to be chilled or frozen, this is what you will find with this unit.

The safety and cleanliness of air as well as water is guaranteed too with the fridge’s own filtering system. Though you may hear some sounds from time to time, the amount of noise it produces is kept at a very low level.

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