Samsung RM257ACPN Side by Side Refrigerator Review

The Samsung RM257ACPN Side by Side Refrigerator is a kitchen equipment for a modern lifestyle. It sure is an excellent choice for people who both love to cook and entertain.

Samsung RM257ACPN Side by Side Refrigerator Specifications:

  • total storage capacity is 24.8 cubic feet, 11.6 for the refrigerator and 7.0 for the freezer
  • includes convertible refrigerator and freezer capacities of 3.8 and 2.4 cubic feet respectively
  • excellently keeps foods fresh with enough moisture and flavor
  • measures 35 11/16 inches in width, 36 inches in depth and 69 7/8 inches in height
  • weighs 353 pounds
  • expensive cost with basic warranty features

Convenient and organized compartments
This appliance has two dedicated drawers for the freezer located at the bottom of the fridge. The top portion has two doors which may be opened left or right and both ways.

If you need extra room for freezing or refrigerating excess amount of food and supplies, there are two separate and individual drawers that may serve as fridge or freezer with just a push of a button.

Flexibility at hand
With a distinct design and incorporation of convertible compartments, you are sure to have space for chilling and freezing additional amounts of food that you need to preserve and keep fresh. This specific feature even allows you to save money on excessive electric and power consumption as you only activate the freezer and fridge extra compartments when needed.

Fast freeze
Another power saving feature that this fridge has is the ability to freeze items fast and speedily.

Fresh and crisp zone
This technology allows the temperature to be maintained at approximately five degrees and that is enough to keep food fresh and crisp.

Energy Star-compliant
It complies with the standards set by Energy Star. Now that means that the customer is guaranteed that the device will work excellently without any excess amount of energy or power usage.

This is also a guarantee that the fridge is eco-friendly.

Samsung RM257ACPN Side by Side Refrigerator At A Glance…


  • will help you save on energy
  • has an extra portion that can switch from crisper to freezer


  • none so far

This fridge is a remarkable kitchen tool for preserving and keeping food fresh. It is a perfect choice because it helps you conserve energy and saves your money on electric and utility bills. No cons have been reported.

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