Samsung RS275ACWP Side by Side Refrigerator Review

Even if the doors are repeatedly opened and closed, the temperature inside this Samsung RS275ACWP Side by Side Refrigerator is still maintained at the setting which you have set it to, thereby making it a good choice for preserving the fresh and crisp quality of food items and grocery products you have inside.

Samsung RS275ACWP Side by Side Refrigerator Specifications:

  • measures 36-1/2 inches by 70 inches by 35-7/8 inches (DHW)
  • the freezer section has capacity for storage of 10.4 cubic feet plus 16.1 cubic feet for the freezer (total volume is 26.5 cubic feet
  • curved, smooth metallic-finished fridge door
  • spill-capable shelves made with glass
  • has filtering system for air and extra compact maker of ice

Energy Star compliant
Like all the other devices which have passed the standards of Energy Star, this refrigerator is guaranteed to work and operate at its finest. It also helps in conserving power and energy thus lets you save money on electric or utility bills. It works for a green environment.

Freezing Options
Fridges are often opened and closed, an action that reduces the coldness inside, but this Samsung manufactured refrigerator has freezing and cooling options that may be adjusted accordingly to have for a constant temperature reading.

Instant Water and Ice
With a specialized ice maker and water dispenser, you are sure to drink chilled and filtered water with either cubed or crushed ice perfectly made by the fridge itself. Located at the exterior, the space inside the fridge may be utilized for other items that need to be preserved.

Strategic Light installation
The interior lighting being placed tower-like makes for an even illumination within the interior so you could easily locate whatever items are in the fridge.

Separate evaporators, single compressor
The refrigerator and the freezer are each equipped with individual evaporators powered by a single compressor. This accounts for more humidity-control and odor transfer prevention in all compartments.

Air Flow and Digital Control
Air is evenly distributed throughout the interior and that maintains the freshness of the food. The digital panel displays the exact temperature reading so you can alter the settings accordingly.

Samsung RS275ACWP Side by Side Refrigerator At A Glance…


  • no reported leaks
  • works effectively


  • none so far

There is nothing really different about this refrigerator from Samsung as it is like most units in the market. However, you can be assured that this one will serve you for a long period of time.

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